Current Gold Rate in Chennai Today 2024

Gold Rate in Chennai Today 30.5.2024

Discover the current gold rate in Chennai today for 30th May 2024. Stay informed about the precise prices for both 916 KDM hallmark gold in 22 carat and 24 carat. Our rates are updated to reflect the most accurate and recent market values. Below, you’ll find the rates per gram and per 8 grams, along with a comparison to the previous day’s prices. Read on to check today’s gold rate in Chennai.

Current Gold Rate in Chennai Today are as follows:

22 Carat Gold Rate in Chennai Today

  • Rate per gram: ₹6730 (-45↓)
  • Rate per 8 grams: ₹53,840 (-360↓)

24 Carat Gold Rate in Chennai Today

  • Rate per gram: ₹7200 (-45↓)
  • Rate per 8 grams: ₹57600 (-360↓)

Price Comparison with Previous Day

  • 22 Carat Gold: Decreased by ₹45 per gram
  • 24 Carat Gold: Decreased by ₹40 per gram

These rates are accurate and updated to reflect the most recent prices.

DatePure Gold (24 k)Standard Gold (22 K)
 1 Gm8 Gm1 Gm8 Gm
30th May, 2024 7,200 57,600 6,730 53,840
29th May, 2024 7,245 57,960 6,775 54,200
28th May, 2024 7,210 57,680 6,740 53,920
27th May, 2024 7,190 57,520 6,720 53,760
26th May, 2024 7,125 57,000 6,655 53,240
25th May, 2024 7,125 57,000 6,655 53,240
24th May, 2024 7,120 56,960 6,650 53,200
23rd May, 2024 7,220 57,760 6,750 54,000
22nd May, 2024 7,330 58,640 6,860 54,880
21st May, 2024 7,330 58,640 6,860 54,880

Silver Rate in Chennai Today

DateSilver 1 GmReady Silver (1 Kg)
30th May, 2024 101.00 101,000.00
29th May, 2024 102.20 102,200.00
28th May, 2024 101.00 101,000.00
27th May, 2024 97.50 97,500.00
26th May, 2024 96.00 96,000.00
25th May, 2024 96.00 96,000.00
24th May, 2024 96.50 96,500.00
23rd May, 2024 97.00 97,000.00
22nd May, 2024 100.30 100,300.00
21st May, 2024 99.00 99,000.00

Gold Rate in Chennai: Your Comprehensive Guide

Gold has always held a special place in Chennai’s heart. Whether it’s for investments, jewelry, or cultural significance, the gold rate in Chennai is closely watched by many. Understanding the fluctuations and trends can help you make informed decisions. In this guide, we delve into the current gold rates, factors influencing these rates, and tips for buying gold in Chennai.

Factors Influencing Gold Rate in Chennai Today

Understanding the factors that influence gold prices can help investors make informed decisions. Several key factors affect gold rates in Chennai:

  • Global Gold Prices: Changes in international gold prices directly impact local rates.
  • Currency Exchange Rates: The value of the Indian Rupee against the US Dollar influences gold prices.
    Local Demand and Supply: High demand and limited supply can drive prices up.
  • Inflation Rates: Gold is often seen as a hedge against inflation, affecting its demand and price.
    Importance of Checking Daily Gold Rates

For both investors and consumers, keeping track of daily gold rates is crucial. Here’s why:

  • Investment Decisions: Timely knowledge of gold prices helps investors buy at the right time.
  • Jewelry Purchases: Consumers looking to buy gold jewelry can plan their purchases better with updated rates.
  • Economic Indicators: Gold prices can indicate broader economic trends and stability.

How to Stay Updated with Gold Rates in Chennai

Staying updated with the latest gold prices in Chennai is easy with several resources available:

  • Online Gold Rate Portals: Numerous websites provide real-time gold rate updates.
  • Financial News Channels: TV channels dedicated to finance regularly report gold prices.
  • Jewelry Stores: Local jewelers can provide the most accurate and current gold prices.

Buying Gold in Chennai

Best Places to Buy Gold : Chennai boasts several renowned jewelry markets and stores.

Tips for Buying Gold : Always check the purity, ask for a bill, and verify the current market rate before making a purchase.

Buying Gold Online : Many reputed jewelers offer online purchasing options with certification and doorstep delivery.

Selling Gold in Chennai

Where to Sell Gold : You can sell gold at local jewelers, pawn shops, or through online platforms.

Factors to Consider When Selling Gold : Consider the current market rate, purity of gold, and any additional charges or deductions.

Investing in Gold

Gold Jewelry : Investing in gold jewelry is common in Chennai, combining aesthetic value with investment.

Gold Coins and Bars : Gold coins and bars are preferred for pure investment purposes.

Gold ETFs and Bonds : For those looking at financial investment, gold ETFs and Sovereign Gold Bonds are viable options.

Gold Loan in Chennai

How to Avail Gold Loan : Several banks and financial institutions offer gold loans against your gold jewelry.

Interest Rates and Terms : Interest rates on gold loans can vary; it’s crucial to compare rates and terms across different lenders.


Staying informed about the gold rate in Chennai is essential for making sound financial decisions, whether you’re an investor or a consumer. By keeping track of the daily rates for 22 carat and 24 carat gold, you can ensure that you make the most of your investments and purchases. Today’s gold rates reflect the dynamic nature of the market, influenced by various global and local factors. Stay updated to make the best choices in the ever-changing gold market.

Common FAQs on Gold Rate in Chennai

Why does the gold rate vary in different cities?

Gold rates can vary due to transportation costs, local taxes, and demand-supply dynamics.

How often do gold rates change?

Gold rates can change multiple times a day based on market fluctuations.

Is it better to buy gold in coins or jewelry?

For investment purposes, gold coins and bars are better as they come with assured purity and lower making charges.

What is the difference between 22K and 24K gold?

22K gold is 91.67% pure, mixed with other metals for durability, while 24K is 99.99% pure gold.

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