Phase wise roll out of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Project

NPCI: ETC: OC: No.01:2016-17

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Phase wise roll out of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Project


National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) / Indian Highway Management Company Ltd. (IHMCL) has issued a letter of Intent (LOI) to NPCI for creating ETC solution which would be interoperable and scalable.

RBI Approval

Subsequently NPCI has also submitted the concept note to RBI for its approval. The proposed architecture is based on four party model (Issuer/Acquirer/NPCl/Toll Plaza operator) and NPCI would act as a central clearing house and lay down the standards & specifications for the program. NPCI has also released the draft Procedural Guidelines & Technical Specification documents in this regard. The program roll out is subject to final RBI approval.

Proposed Commercial Model

Transaction charges to be paid by IHMCL/NHAI to NPCI and in turn distributed between Issuer Bank, Acquirer Bank & NPCI as per below details:

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All transactions (on-us & off-us) have to be routed through NETC Network by the member banks. The NPCI charges shall be applicable for all transactions. For Phase l, member bank would receive the entire 2.75% (as Issuing & Acquiring is done by the same bank).

Roll-out Plan

NPCI invites confirmation from its member banks for participation in ETC project. The following is an indicative timeframe for the overall process.

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Source: NETC

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